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Tom O'Bryan

Enhancing the Effectiveness of CBD Therapies

Science has demonstrated the value of CBD in many human conditions, from pain relief, cancer and even uncontrollable seizures. Learn how to protect yourself against unsubstantiated claims from charlatans selling everything from scented CBD candles to lollipops.

Lindsey Elmore PharmD

CBD And Immunity

Learn how CBD can help you create a protective solution that supports your immune system in today's dangerous world.

Adam Perlman

Winning The Pain Game

Pain can stop you in your tracks and cause a host of other issues such as dependency and even dangerous interactions with other medications. Learn to beat your pain away safely and effectively with CBD.

Mary Clifton

Finding The Right Dosage For You

If you have been confused about how much CBD to are not alone. Discover what dosage to take, when to take it and how long before you will begin feeling relief.

Jake Felice

The Science Of CBD Inside Your Body

Learn about the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in your body, discovered by a US pharmacologist and Czech chemist in 1992 and how you can use it to recover from unknown and mis-diagnosed health challenges.

Sandra Guynes

Improving Your Mood And Attitude Through Hemp And CBD

Do not let depression rule over your life or the lives of your loved ones. Find out why some are calling CBD a miracle product and how it can help you take back your life.

April Hatch

Getting Relief From Your Arthritic Pain

Is your arthritic pain becoming unbearable? No matter how long you have been dealing with arthritic pain, now you can find relief using this sacred plant that has been around since the dawn of time.

Brian Essenter

CBD's Impact On Drug Testing & Prescriptions

Learn the truth about interactions with your prescriptions and other debunked myths that have been keeping you from experiencing the benefits for yourself. Also, get the 411 on CBD and drug tests.

Mark Braunstein

CBD And Addiction: What You NEED To Know

People who have friends and/or loved ones that are dealing with addiction issues can learn how CBD is helping break those habits and cycles without the fear of relapse.

Becky Lynn

Better Sex: Heightening Pleasure And Reducing Pain

Enhance your sex life naturally by using hemp and CBD. Get all the facts including dosage, frequency and when to use it safely and effectively!

Susan Trapp

What Are The Benefits Of CBD With Terpenes For The Mind & Body

Discover what terpenes are, the benefits of them as part of CBD, as well as how they interact and impact the human mind and body.

Laura Lagano

Improving Your Gut With Hemp & CBD

Understand the role CBD has in helping improve your gut health. See how hemp and CBD are being used to combat gut issues from pain to digestion and more.

Julie E

Kids And CBD Safety Concerns Revealed

Are you thinking of giving your kids CBD, yet concerned about safety? Get the safety information you've been searching for and discover the earliest recommended age for using CBD with children.

Katerina Rozakis

Hemp & CBD As Complementary Treatments For Cancer

Discover how hemp and CBD are being considered as complementary treatments for traditional cancer protocols and how to ask your physician for a prescription.

Heather Jackson

Show Me The Research: Cannabis, Hemp & CBD

What's the hype about Hemp & CBD? Is it just 'hot air' or is there legitimate research and studies showing its impact on ailments? Discover the truth about Hemp & CBD .

Janna Champagne

Autism And ADHD Improvement

If you or a loved one struggle with ADHD or autism, learn about this natural alternative without worrying about the side effects of medication.

Dave Gordon

Eliminate Brain Fog & Improve Clarity & Focus

Learn how to find clarity and focus on demand with an all-natural alternative, without the dangers of side-effect laden prescriptions and energy drinks.

Heather Moday

Autoimmune Disease Recovery

Living with an autoimmune disease can take its toll on you without remorse. Find out how autoimmune sufferers are recovering and even reversing their autoimmune issues.

Kebra Smith-Bolden

CBD For PTSD & Depression Recovery

Discover why thousands of veterans and abuse survivors are using CBD to recover from pain and trauma as well as new treatment discoveries for PTSD sufferers.

Mark Worster

Testing & Quality Standards: What To Get And Where To Buy

Find out how to research the right company to get hemp and CBD products from and why Quality, Integrity and Transparency are important factors to focus on. See how some USDA Certified Organic brands still contain toxins within their product line.

Elena Frankel

Discussing CBD With Your Spouse/Partner And Loved Ones

Discover how to open the dialogue and ultimately get on the same page with your spouse or partner about the benefits and any concerns about using hemp and CBD.

Mollie McGlocklin

How CBD Can Help You Sleep Better Through The Night

CBD has been known to help deepen sleep and even induce vivid dreams. Discover how insomniacs and high-performance athletes are using CBD to increase their quality of sleep and how you can too.

Michael Miller

Understanding The Legalities of Hemp, CBD and THC

Do not let misleading information about the laws regarding CBD, hemp and cannabis keep you from enjoying the health benefits. Get up to date legal information on CBD, locally and internationally.

Rhea Jacobson

Will CBD & Hemp Get You High?

Dismiss the myth that "CBD is just for stoners." Get the real truth about CBD, why it doesn't get you high and how it can help you change your life.

Joseph Rosado

Hemp, CBD And Your Heart Health

Don't let your heart health issues get you down. Discover CBD, a natural new breakthrough derived from an ancient source and learn how others are using it to support their heart health.

Kevin Hoffarth

Using CBD To Reduce Your Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety have become an epidemic in modern society and are even considered "normal." Learn how you can assist in reducing the impact they have on your mental wellness and your body.

Jake Plummer

Can CBD Help Athletes Speed Up Recovery Time?

Discover how professional athletes are enjoying the benefits of CBD as a complementary treatment to recover from various types of injuries and ailments.

Leah Lakstins

Traveling With CBD & International Law

See how you can travel safely with hemp and CBD, both domestically and internationally, and find out what to watch for as well as what to do should a violation of the law happen.

Cintia Morales
M Ed

Understanding The Difference Between Hemp & CBD

Explore the misconceptions and get the facts about this fascinating plant that has been around since the dawn of civilization. You will no longer be in the dark after this session.

Briana Owen

The Truth About CBD And Inflammation

Inflammation is known to be an underlying cause for a wide variety of aches, pains and ailments. Get the inside scoop on how CBD can help alleviate inflammation and allow you to recover without unwanted side effects.

Taylor Krick

CBD & Fibromyalgia Recovery

Find out how CBD can be used as a complementary treatment for fibromyalgia and whether or not it's the right option for your recovery routine.

Nikki Ostrower

 Using CBD For Eating Disorders

Discover how to use CBD to recover from various eating disorders and prevent relapse, as well as how to maintain a healthy diet using a routine CBD protocol.
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Meet Your Summit Host - John Malanca

Since 2011, John Malanca has been the "go-to" expert and trusted professional in education and information in medical cannabis and the health/wellness sectors. His extensive knowledge of cannabis, the endocannabinoid system, patient needs, and disease care, combined with his upbeat and genuine concern for his audience makes him a favorite among industry hosts.

Through a family hardship in 2011, John and his wife Corinne founded United Patients Group (UPG), a trusted resource and leader in medical cannabis information and education. John conducts interviews regularly, most recently with Harvard, CNN and the Washington Post and was proud to be the host, co-creator and face for the global docuseries, entitled, The Sacred Plant, that he stepped down from to put his efforts back into the organization that he and his wife started in 2011.  

John has had the privilege of interviewing hundreds of guests over the years including expert MDs, RNs, Scientists, Pharmacists, Government Officials, and Patients. His work in cannabis therapeutics has been globally recognized and praised for its integrity. He possesses a reputation based on trust and truth in a rapidly changing industry. His skill in extracting pertinent information from guests has helped dispel the stigma and many myths surrounding this miraculous plant. 

In October 2017, John was faced with a terrible heartache. His best friend, his wife, his business partner, but, most of all, his soul mate, Corinne Malanca, passed away from cancer. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the end of June 2017. John continues his work in the medical cannabis arena in honor and loving memory of his beautiful wife, Corinne Malanca. 

John is an avid wellness advocate and athlete who is well versed in many aspects of diet, exercise, health maintenance, and a healthy lifestyle which he promotes through his interviews.

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